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How We Diagnose Issues in Your Mouth

If you are suffering from pain in your tooth or gum, the cause may not always be as readily apparent as you may think.  At Holman Family Dentistry, we perform a thorough inspection to determine what may be causing any pain—or, what condition may be present that has not yet caused any pain but will do so if left untreated.  We do this in a couple of different ways, from a physical inspection to the use of the latest X-ray technology.

Physical inspections

If you have a pain in your tooth it may be a sign of decay, damage, or even severe wear.  When you come to see us, we will perform a close inspection of all the biting and chewing surfaces to check for wear or damage.  He will also use hand implements to check for decay or soft spots in your teeth.

All of our Holman Family staff are highly trained and know exactly where to look for signs of decay or damage.  Keep in mind that your teeth will generally wear and age according to a specific pattern, and it frequently takes a trained eye to know where to look, and what to look for, when it comes to discovering signs of damage or decay.


Of course, your teeth extend far below your gum line and down into your jawbone.  This means that there are plenty of areas where you can develop an issue that is not visible to the naked eye—not even a trained one.

To counter this, we employ the latest in dental medical technology to look beneath your gum line and inside the tooth itself.  We use highly sensitive X-ray machinery to “peel back” the layers of tissue surrounding the teeth.  We can spot infections, decay, and damage that may be present below your gum line on what otherwise appears to be a healthy tooth.

Further, some teeth may experience decay in the soft pulpy inner tissue long before damage is evident on the outside.  By using X-rays we can look inside the tooth and identify any trouble spots so we can begin planning for treatment before the damage makes it to the outside.

We’re here to help you!

At Holman Family Dentistry, we always keep your best interests in mind, and we want to help you keep a happy and healthy smile.  Come see us today!

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