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Adults Can Benefit from Dental Sealants, Too

Dental sealants are of course typically thought of in relation to children and young adults. Sealants are invaluable in the ever-on-going fight with tooth decay. But, what about older types of patients – do the sealants work the same?

Dental Sealant Basics

The ADA says that dental sealants are one of the most effective ways of preventing cavities from starting, since once adhered to your teeth, they become a barrier against debris and plaque. Sealants are a special type of plastic that covers the chewing surfaces of your teeth. They are applied to both the molars and the premolars, since they have the most grooves where debris can hide and begin to decay. That is part of why sealants are so effective.

Even with the most pristine oral hygiene routine, there are areas in your mouth your toothbrush is sometimes going to miss. These areas of your teeth could succumb to decay if they are not cleaned properly. By having a sealant in the way, decay can be stopped or at least slowed down significantly.

How We Apply Your Sealant

Luckily, dental sealants can be applied without any pain. First, we clean the surface of the teeth to be sealed. We then dry them off. We put a special gel on the tooth to make the surface slightly more abrasive. This helps the sealant stick better. We then rinse your mouth, dry everything, and apply the sealant. From there, we cure the sealant so that it bonds with your tooth and protects your mouth from that moment on. Sealants can last several months or even a year, depending on the condition of your mouth. Once they wear down, we simply reapply them.

How Are Sealants Helpful?

There are some great advantages and positives to dental sealants for people of all ages. It does not matter your age – young children – teenager – adult – every age is susceptible to the disease of tooth decay. Sealants can and do decrease the occurrence for and with anyone who chooses to accept and receive them. Dental sealants are a tremendously beneficial tool for of preventative maintenance. Truth is the money that you might invest even as an adult in sealants, may save you money in some expensive dental procedures in the future.

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