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Are Braces Only for a Pleasing to Look-At Smile?

There are many people who wonder why they should consider braces. After all, their smile may be a little crooked, but they don’t see anything wrong with keeping their teeth where they are. After all, braces are just there to make your smile look better, right? No, that is not the case. It is a pleasing side effect, but that is not the point behind getting braces. In fact, the health of your mouth could depend on you straightening your teeth if they are crooked enough.

Why Consider Braces?

The main reason for getting braces is to improve the overall health of your mouth. The truth is, when your teeth are crooked, there are gaps in your mouth where your toothbrush simply cannot get to as effectively. This could increase your chance of developing cavities, which could even lead to tooth loss. By straightening out your teeth, they move into proper alignment, and from there, become easier to brush and floss. When you come in for cleanings, we can get each tooth totally clean, and floss carefully between each of your teeth to ensure they stay healthy.

The other benefit of having braces is that when your teeth move, your bite becomes more natural as well. Your teeth come down in a safer manner, meaning you are less likely to experience chipped or cracked teeth. If your teeth come together in an unnatural way, it could lead to painful damage that needs restoration down the line.

While it is nice to have straighter teeth for yourself and others to look at, that is just a sideline benefit of having braces put on. They help shift your teeth into a more natural bite and they make them easier to keep clean and healthy. Now that you know the real reason behind braces, is it becoming something you are going to give a little more thought and attention to?

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