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Avoid A Loose Dental Crown

Why Do Dental Crowns Come Loose and How to Avoid a Loose Dental Crown?

Dental Crown are great restorations, as they usually last a long time. However, they do come loose from time to time if you are not careful. The following information will give you details about how to avoid a loose dental crown.

Why Will a Dental Crown Loosen Over Time

If you don’t practice regular at-home dental care daily, you can lose a filling or restoration, such as a crown, as any decay that settles around the tooth can lead to further problems with deterioration, and cause the crown to loosen after a while. In addition, a crown will get loose if you are too aggressive when you brush. Therefore, you need to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush a crown gently. The best way to ensure that you keep your crown intact is by using an electric toothbrush with sensors. The sensors on the brush will let you know if you are using too much force when you clean your teeth.

Other Ways a Crown May Loosen

Your crown’s bonding material may lose its grip, as well, if you use the wrong kinds of dental products. For example, if you use a mouthwash containing alcohol, the alcohol in the product will dry the surrounding gingival tissue and also cause the crown to loosen. This can also happen if you wear veneers. Therefore, always ask about what dental products to use to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth. Usually, a product with an ADA seal of approval is a safe product choice.

Avoid Sugary or Crunchy or Hard Treats

Probably the easiest way to loosen a crown is to eat the wrong foods, as crowns are normally pretty resilient. Therefore, to avoid a loose dental crown, don’t eat any foods where you need to exert a lot of pressure when you bite down or that are too chewy. Some foods to avoid include taffies, caramels, and foods that take a long time to chew, such as steak. Don’t chew on the side where your crown is placed if you do want to eat a food that requires extra chewing time.

You will find that getting a crown can make a big difference in your overall appearance and bite.. Our helpful and knowledgeable dental team is always willing to give you answers to any dental questions about crown placement. To schedule an appointment for a professional exam, and consultation, contact Holman Family Dentistry at(479) 795-1101.  Make sure to like us on Facebook.

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