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Chronic Bad Breath: What’s the Deal?


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When we suffer from bad breath, it can be embarrassing, but we are not alone. We are among 90 million other Americans that also suffer from this ailment. The good news is that there are simple ways to stop it in its tracks. The first step is to have a proper dental health evaluation. This evaluation will help us discover any underlying conditions, such as gum disease, cavities or cracked fillings. If our oral health is in good standing, there are a few simple things that we can do to rectify the problem of bad breath.

Bad Breath Tactics

Enhance our oral hygiene – Sometimes bad breath is simply attributed to poor oral hygiene habits. Even if we brush our teeth twice a day, if we are not doing it right, we are not killing the germs that cause bad breath. When we brush our teeth, the toothbrush should be at a 45-degree angle and with light circular motions, we should thoroughly brush every tooth in our mouth, especially those way in the back. Those back teeth are often the culprit for bad breath as food particles can easily become lodged in them, making our breath less than pleasant to smell.

Chronic bad breath can be handled with these few simple tips, but always remember to keep regularly scheduled biannual dental appointments to ensure that oral health is in good standing.



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