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Come In and Save Money with Dr. Holman’s New Membership Plan

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Has there ever been a time that you hesitated coming to the dentist because you didn’t have insurance or the money to cover something simple like a cleaning or x-rays? Thanks to the new membership plan here at Holman Family Dentistry, that is a thing of the past. Dr. Holman has come up with a plan to be able to help out more people that need dental care by keeping it easily affordable for individuals and families alike.

What You Get from Your Membership

Dr. Holman is providing different types of memberships depending on if the membership is meant to cover a child’s oral health or that of an adult. There are also discounts when you purchase a membership from us for more than one member of your family. However, the benefits are much the same for both. Your membership is going to be able to cover two annual cleanings along with the corresponding examinations and x-rays, along with one emergency visit to the dentist each year. Kids also get two fluoride treatments each year to help prevent tooth decay as they grow.

On top of these benefits, you also get an additional 20% off of anything else that you need done in our office to take care of your mouth. This can be things like fillings, root canals, and even implants. For one low fee, you get one full year of coverage from a plan that gives you benefits like having dental insurance without the hoops you would normally have to jump through. You must pay for your full membership when you begin your membership, but you can easily pay it with cash, a check, or even a credit card.

Instead of having to go through and file claim forms, wait for approval from someone that does not know what your mouth needs, or having to wait until next year because you hit some yearly maximum already, turn to Dr. Holman’s new dental membership plan for help. You can finally take control over your future when it comes to your oral health, and not have to depend on when you can save up the extra money or get the approval of some insurance company that wants to keep as much of their money as possible. Call us at Holman Family Dentistry to find out more about our new dental membership plan, or visit our website at

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