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Common Problems People Face Following Dental Implant Surgery

A lot goes into dental implant surgery. It takes time to get the implants properly in place. During that time, your mouth was manipulated around, which can cause you to feel different for a short period of time after surgery. Most of the problems you feel right after surgery are temporary, and will correct themselves on their own. Here are a few of the most common problems patients face, that are often no cause for alarm.

Your Jaw is Going to Be Sore

We had to prop your mouth open during surgery. This can leave you with a sore jaw that just aches for a day or two after surgery. This soreness will go away on its own, but it should be expected. Typically, taking a few over-the-counter medication doses will alleviate this pain until it dissipates on its own.

Your Lips Are Likely Going to Be Dry and May Even Crack

Due to how long your mouth was open and stretched, you may notice that your lips are very dry for a few days following dental implant surgery. This is often rectified by using a little petroleum jelly on your lips during that time. You want to only put a thin layer on, but it usually helps correct the problem within just a couple of days.

You May Notice a Little Numbness

Parts of your face may go a little numb within the first few days following your dental implant surgery. This is common, and shouldn’t send you into a panicked state. Normally, the numbness will go away in a day or two. If it extends beyond that, give us a call so we can check up on it and you. You may notice your mouth, lips, nose, or gums feel a bit numb. This is common and often only lasts a day or so.

Dizziness is Also Common for a Day or Two

Dizziness when standing up rapidly is common during the first day or two following surgery. It is due to the changes in blood pressure that commonly occur following anesthesia. After a day or two, this will subside. However, during that time, you want to make sure to stand slowly and carefully. Don’t go from lying down to standing up rapidly, as that can cause your dizziness to hit. Slowly sit up from a lying down position, then wait a minute. From there, stand up slowly and wait before walking away from whatever you were sitting on. This can help reduce dizziness and decrease the potential of you getting hurt.

If you want more information, give us a call here at Holman Family Dentistry. We can help you know what to expect following implants, and how to keep yourself safe.

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