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Cosmetic Dentistry and Cracked Teeth


Cosmetic Dentistry and Cracked Teeth

The type of cosmetic dentistry treatment used to improve the looks of cracked teeth depends on the nature of the crack. Cosmetic Dentistry and cracked teeth can work together, but you first need to determine the type of crack.  Cracked teeth may take on various forms, as follows:


Cosmetic Treatments Used for Cracked Teeth

The following cosmetic treatments often help restore the looks and functioning of a cracked tooth. They include composite bonding, veneers, crowns, and implants.



In some instances, tooth structures must be removed to leave enough room for a restoration, such as a crown. It just depends on the nature of the crack and its severity.


You will find having cosmetic dentistry for a crack can help greatly in improving your appearance. Our supportive and experienced dental team is always willing to answer any dental concerns or questions about in-office cosmetic treatments. To schedule an appointment for a professional  exam, and cosmetic work, contact Holman Family Dentistry at (479) 795-1101 or visit us on Facebook.



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