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Create New Tooth Brushing Habits this Winter

Everyone is guilty at one time or another of skipping their tooth brushing habits. Whether you were too busy, too tired, or you just plain forgot, even just that one occurrence can have damaging effects on your oral health. This winter, before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it makes sense to revamp your oral health habits so that there is no excuse why you cannot attend to your oral health.

Making Time for Tooth Brushing

Sometimes we just get into a bad habit of brushing our teeth at the most inopportune times. Are you falling asleep before you remember to brush your teeth? Change the time you brush them at night. Instead of waiting until you go to bed, brush them after you are done eating for the night. The experts suggest that your last meal or snack is at least two hours before bedtime, so it should be safe to brush your teeth at least two hours before your normal bedtime. This ensures that you will not be too tired to give your oral health optimal effort.

Carry a Travel Toothbrush

If you are the type of person that is always out and about, especially during the busy shopping season, carry a travel toothbrush and floss with you. This allows you to jump into a public bathroom and give your teeth a quick brushing. Even if you do not do a spectacular job of brushing your teeth this way, you are getting some of the debris off of your teeth, decreasing the risk of plaque and tartar buildup while you shop till you drop.

Brush as a Family

If you have kids, why not brush your teeth when they brush their teeth? Chances are you are better about reminding them of the need for proper oral health habits as you neglect your own needs. Make it a family affair and let the kids benefit too. The more often the kids see you caring for your teeth, the more natural the habit will become to them too.

Creating new tooth brushing habits will only work to your benefit. It will help you have healthy, bright white teeth. The more you care for your teeth now, the fewer problems you will have to endure down the road. Your oral health care is a cumulative effort, so start increasing your efforts today!

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