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Dangerous Root Canal Myths That Could Harm Your Health

If you have heard any of the common root canal myths going around, you may be prone to believe them. In which case, if you hear that you need one, you may shy away from it or worry needlessly about it. When you know the facts, it can make the process much easier and less worrisome. Here are some of the most common myths, and the truth behind them. That way, should you ever need one, you know what to expect.

Myth 1 – A Root Canal is Going to Hurt Like Crazy!

Nope, this one is not really true. You may be sore, yes, but the pain that most associate with a root canal comes from before the procedure. You typically need a root canal because of an infection somewhere in the tooth. The infection causes pain. The root canal does not hurt. It is done under anesthesia, and your tooth is cleaned and packed. Soreness is all you can expect over the next few days as you recover.

Myth 2 – Pulling Teeth is a Better Alternative

Again, this is untrue. There are times where a tooth must be pulled to save the health of the rest of your mouth or simply because the tooth is too decayed to save. However, when you can, you always want to save the original tooth over having it extracted. An extraction is traumatic for your mouth, and if it can be avoided, it should be.

Myth 3 – A Root Canal is Going to Go On Forever

Many believe that you will be coming back for appointment after appointment for a root canal, but again, this is not true. Typically, your entire procedure can be done in the same day. Depending on what type of crown you pick for over the tooth, you may have to come back for a second appointment in the future to help fit the crown. Otherwise, expect this to take an hour or two and you to be on your way home.

Do you think you may need a root canal, or have you heard you need one in the past but were nervous? We understand. Call us here at Holman Family Dentistry today, and let us help ease your fears. Root canals are safe and incredibly effective at saving your smile. Find out more by calling our office today and speaking with one of our dental professionals.

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