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Dental Bridge Can Keep Your Teeth Healthier

Dental Bridge Can Keep Your Teeth Healthier

How a Dental Bridge Can Keep Your Teeth Healthier

A dental bridge is designed to fill in for missing teeth and are made up of pontics (artificial teeth) that take the missing tooth’s shape and size. The pontic is fixed to the tooth next to the missing one (abutment tooth) or fitted to the jaw using a dental implant. Several pontics are used where several teeth are missing.

The bridge can be made of porcelain, gold, or alloys and is made up of different parts fused to fit in the space of the missing tooth. The devices help in boosting appearance by covering for missing teeth. They maintain the shape of the mouth and help in speech, eating, and protecting other teeth.

A Dental Bridge Promotes the Health of Other Teeth in the Following Ways:

Missing teeth need to be replaced to preserve the remaining natural teeth. Whenever a missing tooth is not replaced, pressure piles on the remaining teeth, resulting in dental problems and complications. Here are some ways that dental bridges help protect teeth.

Prevention of Crooked Teeth

Teeth fit closely together, supporting each other. When there is a gap from a missing tooth, the adjacent teeth start shifting towards space, distorting the alignment of other teeth. The bending of these teeth results in problems while biting and talking. Missing teeth need to be replaced as soon as possible to prevent the occurrence of such issues.

Protects Teeth from Cavities and Gum Disease

As we saw above, whenever a tooth is missing, the other teeth start to shift towards the missing tooth’s gap. The resulting misalignment of teeth makes it difficult to reach some parts while brushing or flossing, resulting in excessive plaque formation, tooth decay, and potentially gum disease.

It Helps Prevent Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)

TMJ occurs when teeth shift towards the gaps left by other missing teeth. In this case, joints connecting the jaw to the skull can be put under pressure causing pain and headache.

Prevents Bone Loss

Teeth help in the stimulation of jawbone growth. Teeth loss causes the jaw to shrink due to loss of bone matter. It leads to changes in the shape of the face, which might not be proportional.

A dental bridge can have some side effects and may damage teeth. The abutment tooth is the most affected as it weakens over time. In the case where the abutment tooth is not strong enough, the bridge can collapse. Bacteria can also grow in ill-fitted crowns, resulting in cavities or tooth decay.

The advantages of having dental bridges outweigh potential side effects and should not deter anyone from getting their missing teeth fixed.

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