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Dental Health As You Age

Portrait Of Happy Loving Senior Couple.

Aging comes along with many changes in your health.  As with other areas of your body, taking care of your teeth and gums become even more important.  There is a myth that when you become elderly, you will lose your teeth.  It is not a certainty at all.   As long as you care for your teeth and gums, there is no reason why your teeth can’t last a lifetime.

There are certain changes that occur in your mouth as you age.   Cavities may not immediately be detected as the nerves of the tooth become smaller with age. Having a change in the nerve might not let you feel discomfort as quickly as you once did.  Not getting regular dental checkups can cause this to create tooth loss as the damage to the tooth may be too great to save it once it is detected.

We all want to feel good and look good throughout our lifetime.  Regular dental checkups will help with that goal.

There are some important tips to remember to maintain your mouth health as you age:

There’s no need to lose your teeth as you age.  Practicing good dental habits, which include eating correctly, proper brushing, flossing regularly and visiting our office will help ensure your dazzling smile lasts a lifetime.



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