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Dentures Can Lead to Bad Breath Struggles


Dentures are much like our natural teeth in that they can still have buildups of plaque and tarter.  It is this buildup of the plaque and tarter that leads to the bad smelling breath people often talk about with dentures.  However, there are things you can do to feel confident about your dentures and your breath so you can move forward with your day.

What Causes Denture Bad Breath?

When you wear dentures and you eat, there are often many little particles of food that get stuck underneath your dentures and to make it simple, this is at the root of the bad breath.  There can also be a certain amount of plaque buildup and the combination of the two creates a very unpleasant smell.  Another reason often over-looked is that failing to clean your dentures every day is also a reason many have that bad breath or Halitosis as it is called, when it comes to their dentures.

Fixing Bad Breath and Your Dentures

Denture adhesive use: There are many brands of denture adhesive to choose from at the local pharmacy and supermarket.  The best advices is to ask one of our dental professionals which they would suggest based on ADA recommendations.  By using the denture cream it helps prevent the food from getting trapped on the underside of your dentures.  The adhesive creates a seal between your gums and the dentures thereby keep food particles out.  This is a highly effective way for you to enjoy your food and meals without having to stress and worry about bad breath.

Daily Cleaning: Your dentures should be cleaned every day to ensure that any food or plaque that has built up on them is removed thereby keeping them fresh.  This also leaves you with a feeling of confidence when speaking and talking that you do not have bad denture breath. It is a simple three step process to follow: Soak.  Brush.  Rinse.  That’s it.  Soaking them is pretty self-explanatory. You should use an ADA recommended soaking solution to prevent any warping or damage. After that, you should carefully brush any of the remaining debris away with a soft bristle toothbrush.  After you brush, then simply wash them under running water and rinse them under some warm running water.  Remember to take your dentures out at night before you go to sleep.  You want to give your mouth and your gums a break and well-deserved rest from wearing your dentures all day long.

Keeping dentures fresh and clean is an essential part of your daily denture routine as well as helping to eliminate bad breath.  If you have any questions about how to care for your dentures or need assistance with any steps of this process, please feel free to call us here at Holman Family Dentistry at 479.795.1101. We are always on hand to offer you friendly and helpful advice for your denture cleaning routine.

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