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Dentures or Dental Implants

dentures vs implants

Which Would Be Better, Dentures or Dental Implants?


Are you trying to decide whether you need dentures or dental implants?  For most people, dentures are a great way to improve their oral health, especially if they are edentulous. However, a denture replacement, if the denture is removable, also has its downsides. That is why you need to make sure about your decision to go ahead with the treatment.


For anyone who has healthy gums, it often is better to get dental implants and have fixed dentures installed. Removable dentures do not have any supporting roots. There, the lack of a real tooth without a root can also cause the bones to deteriorate. This can lead to denture alignments and adjustments over time. However, if you have a procedure done, such as an all-on-4 implant treatment, you can add fixed dentures. The implants, which serve as artificial roots, will help in reducing any further bone deterioration. Therefore, from this standpoint, it is better to get implants and opt for the fixed dentures instead.


Why You Probably Will Get Implants


If you do opt to have removable dentures, you will need to affix them with a denture adhesive so they stay in place. Also, you may find it to be a challenge to eat or speak some of the time. If a patient has gum disease and wants implants, the disease will need to be treated first. In some cases, you may need to have gum pocket reduction surgery, or a scaling and planing (deep clean) to ensure the health of your gums.


Once gum disease is treated, the implants will have a more solid anchor. You don’t want to have implants placed if you have any type of gum infection, as you can suffer from a condition known as peri-implantitis. This infection occurs around implants that have been placed in less-than-healthy gums, or results from not taking good care of an implant. If you get this type of infection, it can lead to implant failure. Therefore, you need to take care of your implants just like you do regular teeth.


Some dental patients have removable dentures placed first and later choose to have the implants added and fixed dentures installed. If you do receive implants, you can have the dentures installed the same day, if you wish. Therefore, you have a number of alternatives from which to choose when you are getting dentures. The choice for fixed dentures, using dental implants, however, is usually a better alternative.


You will find that getting dentures or dental implants is a major decision – one that you cannot take lightly. Our helpful and caring dental team is always willing to give you answers to any dental questions about getting dentures or implants for the first time. To schedule an appointment for a professional  exam and consultation, contact Holman Family Dentistry at(479) 795-1101.



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