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Do you Have a Dental Emergency Kit?


Most everyone has a first aid kit handy, especially if they have kids or are very active, but do you have a dental emergency kit? You might not think that this is an important thing to have when everything is just fine, but one dental emergency is enough to scare you into wishing that you had a kit available to handle the issues that could arise. There does not need to be anything fancy about this kit – simply a container with a few important tools will be enough to get you through any dental emergency.

Items to Have on Hand

When you experience a laceration in the mouth, knocked or chipped tooth, and/or a severe toothache, you will be grateful that you have the following items on hand.

These three items are all that it takes to set up an appropriate dental emergency kit. It saves you from experiencing even more panic when the emergency occurs and you are unable to find anything suitable to handle the situation. It is also a good idea to keep our phone number in there so that once things are calmed down, you can give us a call so that we may direct you on the next step to take to rectify the problem that has occurred.



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