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Do You Know How Often to Get Your Teeth Professionally Cleaned?

Most people think the answer to this question is quite simple – everyone should get their teeth professionally cleaned two times each year. However, that is not always the case! There are times where you should be having your teeth professionally cleaned more than two times each year. If you are going through any type of health issues relating to your mouth, or are currently pregnant, then you should be getting your teeth cleaned on a more regular basis.

When You Need to Come in for a Cleaning

When you are in the early stages of diabetes and managing your blood sugars regularly, you should still visit two times each year to get a professional cleaning. However, if your disease progresses, it is important to increase how often you get a cleaning to keep your teeth as healthy as possible. Your blood sugars can speed up the decaying process your teeth would naturally go through during your lifetime, so it is something our office needs to keep an eye on.

Pregnancy is another time where you should be going in for an extra cleaning. Instead of coming in your normal two times each year, you should make the exception of going in one additional time. Most professionals agree that coming in the middle of the second trimester is best, as it gives you the best balance of comfort and illness, since most instances of morning sickness are gone. However, if you are throwing up a lot during your pregnancy, we may want to see you more often to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy.

Those facing gum disease also need to come in for a professional dental cleaning more often than most. We will advise you on how often you have to come in to get your teeth cleaned, as it really depends on how severe your specific case of gum disease is.

When you are going through and getting your teeth professionally cleaned as often as your teeth actually need, your teeth are far more apt to stay strong and healthy longer. Take the time to discuss how often you should be having your teeth cleaned the next time you are in to see Dr. Holman. The team at Holman Family Dentistry will help you get your teeth healthy, and work with you to keep them that way!


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