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Facts About X-Rays You Need to Know

Whether the appearance of your teeth barely betrays your Sunday morning doughnut habit, or you need a total mouth transformation, you will probably need to get a dental X-ray at some point in your life. A vital diagnostic tool for dentists, X-rays are often misunderstood and even feared. Let’s dispel that fear by taking a look at a few key facts about X-rays that you need to know.

Why Do You Need X-Rays?

When Dr. Holman recommends an X-ray, it is because an X-ray can give him a much better idea of what is going on in your mouth. An X-ray can reveal cavities that are hidden between your teeth, show whether your wisdom teeth are impacted, and help Dr. Holman determine the severity of an infection. They are invaluable for determining the need for a root canal, and can lead to earlier detection of gum disease.

When Do You Need an X-Ray?

Although X-rays were once routinely performed at every checkup, dentists today usually only perform X-rays when they are needed for diagnostic reasons, or as part of a more comprehensive checkup every two years or so. Depending on the health of your teeth, you may receive an X-ray as often as twice a year – feel free to ask Dr. Holman how often you may need an X-ray after your checkup.

The friendly staff here at Holman Family Dentistry will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about X-rays, and you can always bring your concerns to Dr. Holman at your next appointment. Give us a call and we’ll get you scheduled today.

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