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Five Great Foods for Optimizing Your Gum Health

There are many different foods that are touted for their benefits to your teeth, but what about your gums, do they not have any allies in the culinary world? On the contrary! There are quite a few different foods that can help to keep your gums healthy. If you have been trying to maintain a healthy diet, include these foods as often as you can to help your gums stay healthy and pink, too!

Best Foods for Great Gum Health

Apples are great for both your teeth and gums, among other parts of your body. They are hard enough to help to keep your teeth clean, but also push down on the gums to help them stay healthy. Try and aim for one apple each day, but rinse your mouth when you are done. The last thing you want to do is leave that acid on your teeth.

Ginger is a great thing for gums. The healing properties of ginger root have been touted for years, and the natural anti-inflammatory benefits can keep your gums from swelling up. Add this to any meal you can throughout the day, but try and make it a daily part of your healthy diet.

Onions, while leaving you with less-than-desirable breath, are great little microbe fighters. They are naturally anti-microbial, allowing your mouth to stay healthier as long as you are making them a regular part of your daily diet.

On top of fiber, leafy greens are also good at keeping your gums in tip-top shape. They require you to work harder than usual to chew them up, which makes you produce more saliva. This helps to keep the acids and bacteria in your mouth low, and your smile healthy.

Milk is not only a bone-builder, but it also helps keep your smile bright. The casein in the milk reduces the acids that you have in your mouth, which keeps your gums healthier and you at less of a risk of gum disease.

Regular Checkups Help, Too

Come in and see us at Holman Family Dentistry to make sure that your gums are staying healthy, too. Your foods are important, but they are no substitute for regular dental care. We can take a peek at what is going on in your mouth, and help you keep your gums, and the teeth they surround, nice and healthy for many years to come.

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