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Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride Treatments

Why You Should Get Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride strengthens the teeth and prevents cavities. To provide extra insurance for yourself, it pays to schedule fluoride treatments after your cleanings. In this article, we will discuss details why fluoride treatments support the teeth and gums.

First, if you don’t’ receive fluoride treatments, you will suffer more from root sensitivity and be more prone to dental decay and gum disease. Fluoride strengthens the teeth through a process known as re-mineralization. When re-mineralization occurs, your risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease drops significantly.

Lower Your Decay Risk Due to Dry Mouth

Because xerostomia or dry mouth increases the risk of decay, fluoride treatments can increase re-mineralization so cavities do not form. Saliva is needed to promote re-mineralization. Without this type of oral support, teeth lose their strength and ability for self-repair. Some medical conditions can also lead to dry mouth, such as sinus infections, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, and even snoring. By receiving fluoride treatments, patients with dry mouth decrease their cavity risk.

Reduce Sensitivity and the Problems Related to Gingival Recession

By getting fluoride treatments, you can prevent root decay and sensitivity. Without this advantage, it can be difficult to manage any problems with cavities. Fluoride protects the root surface that becomes exposed as the result of recession.

Lower the Decay Risk Around Crowns, Bridges, and Fillings

When you have several fillings, or a history of crowns or bridgework, your decay risk becomes higher. As a result, the bacteria that causes tooth decay can settle and hide around the restorations, thereby making it more difficult to keep them clean. Bacteria sits on the margins where the restoration and enamel meet. Fluoride treatments eliminate the bacteria along the margins that lead to decay.

Make Home Care Easier

Sometimes, older people have problems with manual dexterity.  As a result, home care can be more difficult. Also, adult braces can lead to challenges with caring for the teeth. Having regular fluoride treatments supports oral hygiene care at home.

Reduce the Negative Effects of Chemotherapy or Radiation Treatments

Chemotherapy and radiation patients can improve their dental health by having fluoride treatments. These cancer therapies reduce the flow of saliva, which increase the risk of cavities.

Keep Your Teeth’s Outer Surface Strong

Fluoride prevents cavities and reduces tooth sensitivity, as it penetrates the inner tooth, thereby keeping a tooth healthy and strong. When teeth are strengthened in this way, you are less likely to experience tooth pain and are able to eat hot or cold foods with ease.

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