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Foods You Can Eat to Improve Your Dental Health

Taking care of your teeth is an incredibly important part of your daily routine. We all need to make sure that brushing, flossing, and rinsing with the right mouthwash is something that is being done at least one to two times each day. However, we cannot always stop in the middle of our day to be able to brush after every single meal. So what options are there? The food you eat, of course!

Some Foods Help to Improve Your Dental Health

If you just had lunch, but know it is going to be a bit before you are able to brush your teeth, try chewing on something rough. Some great options include a stalk of celery, a few raw carrots, or even an apple. These help remove extra debris from your teeth, plus they increase how much saliva you are producing, allowing your mouth to feel cleaner after eating any of them.

For those who had something acidic for lunch, having a little bit of cheese or a small glass of milk can help cut down on the leftover acid that is still sitting in your mouth. The more you can remove or neutralize the acids in your mouth, the less damage it has the potential to do to your teeth.

When having onion-breath isn’t an issue, then you may want to add a little bit of raw onion to the foods you are eating. Top your burger or add it to your sandwich to get it into your meal, whenever you can. Onions have been known to help increase the antibacterial properties of the mouth, and can even eradicate some of the bacteria that are already linked to gum disease or cavities.

When you are having a busy day and simply have time for a small snack instead of a full meal, turn to a handful of cashews. The oil that comes out of a cashew has the ability to fight the microbes within your mouth, and keep your teeth cleaner after eating them.

Some of the foods that you eat can really help your teeth stay cleaner and stronger, when used at the right time. Keep some of these foods on hand when you know you will be stuck somewhere that will not allow you to brush right after eating. They can help preserve your pearly whites longer, and keep your mouth as healthy as possible after each meal.

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