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Good Oral Health for Kids Starts with Us

Girl brushing teeth

We want the best oral health for your child, but before we can do that, it is important to focus on ourselves. Parents are the first role model that children look up to, which means if we have poor oral hygiene habits, our kids will likely create the same habits. In order to be a happy, healthy parent with children that want good oral health too, it is time to take a look at our own oral health habits.

When we ask ourselves the following questions to determine where we stand on our own oral health care today we can have an idea of what our kids are thinking:

These habits are likely habits that we want our children to grow up with, but it needs to start with us. It is best to take a few minutes to evaluate ourselves, making changes wherever necessary. It is easy to get caught in a rut, but it is just as easy to make the necessary changes for our children’s benefit.

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