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How to Handle a Cracked Tooth


An injury that results in a cracked tooth can be very traumatic, whether you are young or old. Knowing how to handle the situation before it occurs can help you keep calm during the minutes following the injury. Not every cracked tooth needs to be seen by a dentist immediately, but there are certain steps that everyone needs to take in order to ensure a sterile environment and minimal amount of pain before being able to be seen by a professional.

Immediate Steps for a Cracked Tooth

After you take these steps, you should always call our office to determine your next step. If you are in extreme pain, you will likely need to be seen on an emergency basis, as this type of crack typically involves the nerve roots. If you are not in excruciating pain, you might be able to wait until normal business hours to be seen. When you are seen, make sure to bring along any of the tooth particles that you may have been able to save.

During the time between your appointment and the tooth being cracked, be very careful about what you eat. Most times, with a cracked tooth, you will not feel pain when you bite down, rather you will feel it when you release your bite. If you find that you are in pain while breathing or drinking/eating anything cold, you can bite down on sterile gauze to minimize the pain until you are seen by a dentist. If you or a loved one ever experience a cracked tooth call our office right away and we can get you taken care of.

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