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How to Handle a Knocked Out Tooth

Closeup of the opened mouth of a child with a tooth space

Teeth get knocked out all of the  time, whether it is a child that fell down, a serious car accident or another type of accident, the immediate actions all need to be the same. The common factor in any type of accident that involves a knocked out tooth is speed. The faster you get treatment, the more likely it is that you will be able to save your original tooth. The first step is to call our office right away for an emergency appointment.

How to Handle the Tooth

How you handle the tooth after it falls out is essential. Avoid picking it up by its roots. If you touch the roots, you could damage them and eliminate your chances of saving it in the long run. If you have to touch it, pick it up from the opposite end of the roots and handle it  as little as possible.  If the tooth appears dirty, rinse it off with water only. Do not use soap or any other liquids aside from water. Avoid drying the tooth or wrapping it in gauze. Place it in a glass of milk until you can get to our office.

Time is of the essence in a situation where your tooth is knocked out. In most cases, the tooth can be saved if you are able to get to here within 30 minutes. This means that you have very  little time to waste if you experience a knocked out tooth.

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