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How to Manage Toothache Pain While Waiting to See Us

How to Manage Toothache Pain While Waiting to See Us

At some point in your life you will suffer from toothache pain and unfortunately you may have to wait to see us, if it is not a dental emergency. So, the question is always, what do we do for the pain until we can get into the office?  Here are a few ways to help get you through until we can see you in the office.

Use Ice for that Toothache Pain:  place small ice cubes or a small amount of crushed ice in a plastic bag, wrap that bag in an outer cloth and simply place it over the tooth that is aching.  You should start to feel some mild relief in about 15 minutes or less.

Clove Oil: Take a cotton ball and place just one or two drops of clove oil onto them and place it on the tooth that is hurting.  Clove oil has a numbing quality and it is a natural chemical.  However, be warned, it can be painful to your tongue, so be careful on how you are placing the cotton ball.

Rinse with Saltwater:  A natural way to clean any infection is with saltwater.  Some of the unpleasant stuff stuck in your mouth should come off soon and you will get some short-term relief from that.  Saltwater is completely all natural and about the safest thing you can do for pain relief.

Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse: Hydrogen is a cleansing agent/rinse, just like saltwater.  However, it is far more effective than saltwater because the peroxide will attack the harmful bacteria.  You should mix equal parts of the hydrogen peroxide and water – swish and spit once to clean the mouth.  Hold the mixture in your mouth for about 20 to 45 seconds.  Repeat this 2-3 times.  This will provide you with some temporary pain relief as well as ward off the gingivitis, which indeed could be a cause for the pain.  Warning though, do not over do. The use of peroxide is not too terrific for your stomach or your mouth in the long term.

Ibuprofen or other over the counter remedies:  Ask your pharmacist which will be the best solution for you, and never ever dissolve an aspirin directly on your aching tooth, the aspirin dissolving is very acidic and could have lots of adverse effects, so you never want to do that, despite what you might have heard how great that works.

A toothache affects the quality of your life in all areas.  You can experience trouble eating or talking and certainly even sleeping. We can help here at Holman Family Dentistry at 479.795.1101. We want you to know and experience that we are committed to your health and well-being.

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