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IV Sedation for Dental Patients

IV Sedation Dental Patients

Benefits of IV Sedation

Some people avoid seeing a dentist because they feel nervous about going through some of the treatments. However, if you are one of these people, you can erase any concerns, as IV sedation allows you to get the needed dental therapy without fear or stress.
Today, IV sedation gives dental patients the freedom to undergo dental treatments without feeling anxious or worried. By taking advantage of sedation dentistry, you can even go through complex treatments without feeling stressed. In turn, you will be rewarded with better oral health and confidence. The following information elaborates on the primary benefits of IV sedation dentistry.

One of the Best Ways to Eliminate Dental Anxiety and Stress

While various types of sedation dentistry can be used to comfort a patient, IV sedation provides the deepest form of relaxation. That is because this type of sedation places the patient in a semi-conscious state. Therefore, he or she is basically asleep during the process. We prescribe this form of sedation for patients with moderate to severe levels of dental anxiety.

A Sedation Method that Works within Seconds

While oral sedation may take over an hour to work, IV sedation reaches the brain almost instantly, and therefore begins to work within seconds after it is administered. Once the IV has been placed and the anesthetic is administered, the medicine quickly puts a patient into a deep relaxed state of consciousness. In some instances, patients may feel anxious when waiting for a sedative to take effect. IV sedation eliminates this fear as well.

A Better Way to Monitor a Patient’s Level of Consciousness

If an oral sedative is given, the dentist cannot control how long the medicine will work. However, when a patient receives IV sedation, we can monitor the amount of anesthetic that a patient receives. If the patient shows signs of consciousness, we can administer more sedative. By taking this approach, we can also monitor the doses, making it easier for a patient to wake after a procedure.

Improved and Faster Dental Outcomes

The most apparent benefit of IV sedation centers on a patient’s dental health. As noted, even complex dental treatments can be performed when this form of sedation is used. In fact, when a patient is in a deep relaxed state, we frequently can perform several dental treatments simultaneously. For example, a patient can have a smile makeover in one or two dental appointments instead of extending the treatments over a longer time.
As you can see, IV sedation has several key advantages that are too important to ignore. Do you suffer from moderate to extreme dental anxiety? If so, we can help you overcome your fear so you can receive the dental treatments you need. Contact Holman Family Dentistry at 479-646-0706 to learn more about IV sedation today. Request your consultation today or visit us on Facebook.

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