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Keeping Up With Technology is Important in Dentistry

You would not go to a surgeon who used a rusty old saw with whiskey for anesthetic.  You would not go to a doctor who insisted on attaching leeches to your arms to “bleed out” the illness.  Likewise, you would not want to go to a dentist who insists on using outdated and archaic means of practicing dentistry.  That’s why you’ll be happy to know that at Holman Family Dentistry we are up to date on all the latest technological developments in the field of dentistry.

We educate ourselves on the latest developments.

Some dentists graduate from school and begin practicing dentistry without ever taking a thought on keeping themselves up to date on new technologies.  These are the types of dentists that may use older, outdated equipment and end up performing unnecessary procedures simply because they are unaware of new developments.

All of our Holman Family dentists are well-versed in all the latest technological developments.  We take our continuing education very seriously so that we are always offering our patients the very best care available. What’s more, when a new piece of equipment comes out that will make life easier for the patient and dentist alike, our offices are consistently among the first to offer it!

We work hard for your trust.

We know that you have your choice of dental care providers.  That’s why we work so hard to gain and keep your trust.  When you come to us, you can be sure that we are using all the latest technology and procedures to help keep your mouth healthy, happy, and strong.

You will never have to wonder whether we are recommending a procedure that is outdated or unnecessary.  You will never have to be concerned that there might be a better—an easier—way.  You can rest assured that we have kept up to date on all the latest developments, and we do it because you matter to us.

Come see us today!

If you have any questions about the latest dental hygiene technology, we are happy to sit down with you and answer your questions.  We’ll listen to your concerns, answer any questions you may have, and explain to you why a certain procedure is (or is not) the best route to take to treat your condition.

We are here to help you, and we look forward to establishing and maintaining a strong relationship with you.  So come see us today, or pick up the phone and give us a call, and let us help you keep your smile in great shape!

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