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Love Coffee and Wine but Hate the Stains on Your Teeth?

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Coffee and red wine are two favorite drinks of many adults. While they might taste great, they are not very easy on your teeth. Excessive or long-term consumption of either drink can equal unsightly stains on your teeth. Aside from giving up your favorite drinks altogether, there are a few simple things that you can do to prevent the stains.

Use Straws

Straw use obviously does not pertain to hot coffee or even red wine, but switching to iced coffee can allow you to enjoy your cup of Joe without damaging your teeth. Sipping through a straw bypasses the enamel of your teeth and the constant swishing of the staining ingredients which allows them to remain on your enamel. Even if you switch one or two cups of your coffee to iced coffee with a straw, you can decrease the amount of staining that occurs.

Stay Hydrated

Staying well hydrated is important for anyone, but is especially important for your oral health if you drink a lot of coffee or red wine. In between your cups of coffee or sips of wine at night, drink a glass of water. This allows the acid that forms from the coffee and wine to be washed away, limiting the damage that they do to your teeth.

Chew Your Food

Rather than only consuming liquids, try to eat with your coffee or wine. Hard or abrasive foods, such as apples and celery, help the acid to be scrubbed away. This occurs with the excessive chewing that these types of food require, as you chew, they rub against the enamel and cause the acid to be pushed away.

Chew Gum

Sugarless gum that is approved by the ADA can also help to prevent tooth damage. Keep a pack of gum handy and pop a piece in after every acidic drink. This allows the production of saliva to be increased in your mouth, which helps to push the acid away.

Of utmost importance is keeping your regular dental appointments with Dr. Holman. Regular checkups and cleanings can help to keep your teeth healthy. It allows us the chance to notice early signs of wear and tear on your enamel and to help you determine what steps you should change in order to decrease further damage, leaving you with unsightly stains on your teeth.


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