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Manual or Electric Toothbrush – What’s Better?


Many patients wonder what type of toothbrush they should be using. With the onslaught of advertisements for a large variety of toothbrushes that promise you perfect oral health, including electric toothbrushes, it can be confusing to decide which one is right for you.

The Honest Truth

The only way to ensure healthy teeth and good oral hygiene is to master the technique used while brushing your teeth. Yes, an electric toothbrush might make the process a little easier because you do not have to move the brush as much, but even the most powerful electric toothbrush cannot provide you with clean teeth if you do not place it where it needs to go to clean your mouth. This means that the most expensive toothbrush with all of the bells and whistles will do the same job as the regular toothbrush if you do not use it correctly.

How to Brush your Teeth

Rather than focusing on the level of sophistication of your toothbrush, focus on how you are brushing. We all know that we should be brushing for at least two minutes, but did you know that you should break your mouth into quadrants, spending 30 seconds in each area? This ensures equal attention to your entire mouth, giving you a fighting chance at removing all plaque and bacteria before they have a chance to turn into tooth decay or gum disease.

As you brush, make sure that you are using gentle, circular motions. Brushing too hard will harm your gums and brushing too fast will force you to miss certain areas of your mouth. Pay close attention to the back areas with all of their grooves to prevent tooth decay in your molars and food debris from residing in your mouth, forming bacteria and bad breath.

Once you know the proper technique, you could use any toothbrush that fits your mouth the best and has the best bristles for your gums. If you are sensitive, the softer the bristles, the less painful brushing will be, which means a better job overall. If you really want to use the electric toothbrush, go ahead, just make sure that you are not counting on it to work magic and make your teeth healthy without the proper techniques. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day, paying close attention to every area and flossing at least once is the best way to ensure optimal oral health.

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