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Oral Health in the Golden Years

Although oral health concerns such as tooth decay may be prevalent at any age, the older you get the greater the likelihood for complications with one’s oral health. Due to many factors such as other health issues that may arise, it is more important than ever to maintain a solid brushing and flossing regimen to maintain proper oral health.

However, for many reasons, seniors and those with disabilities may find that maintaining a traditional brushing and flossing routine can be difficult and problematic. Whether you are in this situation yourself or are caring for an aging adult, here we will discuss strategies for continuing to care for your teeth well into the later years for the best oral health possible.

Brushing Solutions

As is the case at any age, the buildup of plaque that develops from food and bacteria on one’s teeth can lead to tooth decay and gum disease if teeth and gums are not cared for properly. And as is true at any age, the primary frontal attack on this plaque and bacteria buildup is daily brushing. If brushing has become problematic due to issues related to aging, here are a few tips to help you maintain healthy habits for the long term:

Flossing Solutions

As people age, one particular concern in regard to oral health may be the challenges related to flossing. This often occurs due to the limited amount of dexterity one has in their hands. Another reason might be the presence of bridges for tooth replacement. If one of these is of particular concern, there are actually a number of flossing solutions to consider, such as:

In addition to these tips, consider asking our dental office about fluoride treatments that may help protect you against tooth decay, which can serve as an extra layer of protection for your teeth.

We at Holman Family Dentistry are here as your partner in oral health from early age through the golden years. If you have any concerns about your oral health, please call our office so we can help you.

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