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Preventing Cavities- Top Tips

You visit our dental office for your semi-annual appointment and discover, again, that you have new decay (cavities) in your teeth and need further dental treatment. This is a discouraging diagnosis that all of us want to avoid…but how? We all have heard: eat less sweets and be sure to brush and floss daily. What else can be done?

Although every one of us has a different genetic and biological makeup that affects the rate and intensity of tooth decay each patient experiences, there are certainly best practices for preventing cavities that will help minimize that discouraging report at your regular visit.

What Causes Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a cause of wear and tear on the enamel of our teeth over time. The bacteria in our mouth feeds on carbohydrates and sugars from the foods and drinks we consume, creating an acidic erosion of this enamel. Excessive erosion creates weak spots that lead to cavities (or holes) in the surface of the tooth.

Preventing Tooth Decay

Below are some of the top suggestions for minimizing the erosion of enamel on your teeth to ensure a strong, healthy smile:

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