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Restorative Dentistry – More than a Cosmetic Procedure

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Are you familiar with restorative dentistry? You may have even had a restorative procedure performed and just not realized that is what it was called. It is a practice that is receiving a lot of attention in recent years, but is often considered cosmetic, when it is so much more. Restorative procedures not only provide you with a better smile, but they give your mouth full function once again – something that is crucial to optimal oral and physical health in the long run.

Restorative Procedures that may be Cosmetic

Some people consider dental implants and dental crowns cosmetic procedures. Yes, these procedures can be done for patients that are unhappy with their smile. If a patient is missing a tooth, the dental implant will make it easier to smile. On the flip side, however, dental implants do so much more than just perfect a smile. They help to enhance a person’s ability to chew and talk. They also help to preserve the bone in a person’s jaw. If the tooth went on without being replaced, the bone would eventually become reabsorbed by the body, which could cause a person’s teeth to shift and their face to sag. Dental implants prevent this from occurring, ensuring that the patient’s face and teeth stay intact.

Dental crowns help to enhance a person’s ability to talk and chew as well. With a dental crown, a patient’s natural tooth roots are retained, but the surface of the tooth, or the crown, is removed or damaged. The dental crown helps to make the surface of the tooth stronger, making it easier to talk without difficulty and chew his food. It also helps to promote good overall digestive health because food can get properly chewed and swallowed, making it easier for the body to digest.

Restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry can go hand-in-hand, as is the case in these procedures. The key is ensuring that you have a healthy mouthful of teeth that are able to provide full functionality.

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