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Simple Ways to Whiten your Teeth at Home

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Getting a bright, white smile does not always mean going through the whitening process. While we can help you with professional teeth whitening, there are ways that you can enhance your smile at home without any products. This method simply requires you to eat a diet that is appropriate to whiten your teeth and to use the proper oral hygiene habits on a daily basis. This method can also be used after teeth whitening is completed in order to make your results last longer!

Eat Scrubbing Foods

There are certain foods that are great at scrubbing your teeth, even without a toothbrush. The crunchiness of these foods helps to get your teeth clean. A few of our favorites include carrots, celery, strawberries and apples. These foods help to “scrub” your teeth clean, meaning that food debris and bacteria will not be left behind.

Brush or Rinse your Teeth Right after Eating Staining Foods

If you do consume staining foods, such as dark berries, red wine, cola, coffee, ketchup, or soy sauce, make sure to brush your teeth right after consuming them. If you cannot get to your toothbrush right away in order to brush away the dark colored ingredients that are working hard to discolor your teeth, rinse your mouth with water right after eating. At the very least, this will help to remove the debris from your mouth and decrease the likelihood of them causing stains.

Stay Hydrated

One habit that is often overlooked as being good for your teeth is staying hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will help to wash away any plaque or debris that lingers in your mouth. Your mouth is constantly filled with bacteria that if left too long, can begin to discolor your teeth. By being aware of how much you are drinking on a daily basis, you can increase your water consumption and ensure that you are keeping your pearly whites clean in the process!

Teeth whitening is not the only answer when you have stained teeth. If your teeth are extensively stained, you will likely need professional help. Keeping a healthy diet and proper oral hygiene habits are all that it takes to keep your bright white teeth white for as long as possible!

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