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Chewing: The Most Important Reason to Take Care of Your Teeth
10/12/16 7:12 PM

Proper oral health care is important for a variety of obvious reasons, but one of the most important is chewing. Chewing is more than a process that breaks your food into smaller pieces; it is the way to ensure that your food is properly digested and that your body reacts

Caring For Your Child’s Teeth
02/17/16 9:10 PM

There are a lot of things to learn when you have children.  New parents read up on many subjects such as the appropriate amount of time to breastfeed, when your child will start to walk and what’s the appropriate age for potty training.  Dealing with a fussy baby is also

Preventative Dental Health Care: What’s the Big Deal?
11/25/15 5:00 AM

When we are one of the many people that only seek dental attention in the face of an emergency or chronic tooth pain, we are doing our mouths a disservice. Whether this is due to a true dental phobia, or you have a disregard for the importance of dental health


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