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Ways of Keeping Teeth Healthy As We Enter Retirement
03/27/20 7:16 PM

In order for your teeth, gums, and oral cavity to remain healthy in your retirement years, you will need to give them some extra attention and care. Older patients tend to suffer higher rates of gum disease, mouth infections, tooth loss and decay, and oral cancer. However, you have significant

Could You Need Grafts Before Getting Dental Implants?
03/4/20 4:13 PM

Getting dental implants involves replacing your tooth roots with metal posts, in order to anchor your new teeth into your jawbone. Implanted teeth are preferable to crowns or veneers for many patients, as they look and function like your natural teeth and are a welcomed alternative to bridgework or dentures,

Dangers of Not Getting a Toothache Checked Out
02/20/20 10:11 PM

Whether it’s an urgent dental emergency or minor temporary pain, a toothache is not a symptom you want to let linger. For any tooth pain lasting more than a couple of days, please contact our office immediately. With proper oral care habits, most patients only need an office visit twice

The Long-Term Effects of Stress on Your Oral Health
01/25/20 12:30 AM

We’ve all been told to avoid stress at one point or another, but usually, it’s in reference to our bodily health. However, stress can actually cause oral health problems. There are several ways stress can affect our oral health, so there is another reason to keep it in check. Since

Four Benefits You Didn’t Know About Composite Fillings
01/6/20 6:02 PM

Having a cavity today doesn’t automatically mean you need an obvious silver (amalgam) filling today. At Holman Family Dentistry, we offer our patients several filling options, including composite fillings. While not the right choice for every situation, composite fillings do have their benefits. A More Pleasing Cosmetic Appearance Composite fillings

How to End Bad Breath
12/23/19 5:22 PM

More than half of Americans today suffer from bad breath, according to the American Dental Association. Even if you don’t regularly eat garlic and onions (the most common offenders), you may still suffer from bad breath. Luckily, simple techniques can help you eliminate it. Keep up Your Dental Hygiene Brushing

Five Dental Anxiety Tactics That Help You Win
12/12/19 6:17 PM

Fearing the dentist is a natural reaction – more than 5 percent of Americans fear the dentist. While fear is normal, don’t let it keep you from your dental appointments. Your overall dental health depends on regular checkups and cleanings, as well as any necessary dental work. So what can

The Top Reasons to Love Dental Implants
12/2/19 5:53 PM

Missing teeth cause embarrassment as well as difficulty with chewing and talking. While there are many tooth replacement options, including dental implants, the rumors about dental implants cause many people hesitation. Keep reading to learn the top four reasons you should consider dental implants today. No One Will be Able

How Straws Both Help and Hurt Your Dental Health
11/21/19 10:23 PM

Drinking your beverages through a straw may help prevent certain oral health issues, but don’t fall for the assumption that they are the answer to consuming unhealthy drinks. Using a straw the right way can be great for your oral health, but incorrect use can cause even more damage than

What Are the Alternatives to Traditional Braces for Adults?
10/24/19 4:35 PM

Just because you are an adult doesn’t mean that you’ve missed your opportunity at straightening your teeth. There are several options available to you, even if you want to avoid traditional braces. By learning more about them, you can make an informed decision about which option is right for you.


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