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Dry Mouth and Your Oral Health
04/17/19 7:29 PM

If you suffer from dry mouth, you are not unaware of the challenges it can cause in your daily life. Did you know that dry mouth also has ramifications for the health of your teeth as well? Although some symptoms can’t be avoided altogether, here you will learn what causes

Tooth Sensitivity
08/15/18 6:31 PM

If enjoying a spoonful of ice cream or sipping a cup of hot coffee incites a painful response from your teeth, you likely are suffering from tooth sensitivity. For those of us that experience tooth sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods/drinks, it can be troubling and concerning. Although tooth

Seniors and Chronic Dry Mouth Problems
12/30/15 5:25 AM

  Tooth decay is often mistakenly thought of as an ailment that only happens to children. In reality, everyone can experience it, even seniors. In fact, many seniors are at higher risk for tooth decay for one simple reason; a lack of saliva production. Saliva does not naturally begin to


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