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Taking Care of Your Teeth for a Lifetime Means Starting As Young As Possible

Here at Holman Family Dentistry, we believe in what we call Continuing Care. This is the process of starting with patient education as young as possible, and continuing it on for years to come. This allows you to set a great foundation for a healthy smile, and keeps you educated on ways to keep it that way. If you want to find a dental home that appreciates and works with you to keep your mouth healthy from the get-go, then you want to come in and meet us.

Early Education Helps Start Things Off Right

The sooner we can begin educating patients, the better. We want people to understand the correlation between healthy teeth and a healthy body. If you take the time to understand how your oral health and body health are connected, we firmly believe that we can help you keep your teeth healthy for many years to come.

Ideally, we want patients coming in to see us as children. If we can instill a love for a healthy smile at a young age, we can help kids prevent many problems that come later in life. Preventative care means us working with you to prevent future cavities, gum issues, and decay. The more we can prevent from ever happening, the healthier your mouth will remain, and the less procedures you will come into our offices for.

We begin by teaching people how important a healthy mouth really can be. We love showing people the best way of caring for their mouths. This is done through teaching proper brushing and flossing techniques, explaining parts of the mouth that need a bit more attention after exams, and showing patients their x-rays so they can see issues for themselves when applicable.

The greater your understanding of the importance of proper oral hygiene, the healthier your smile is going to remain. Come in and meet our experienced staff today. We can help you figure out the best routine to keep your smile healthy, and to keep you smiling when you come in and see us. Become a part of the Holman family by making us your new dental home. We are always welcoming new patients, and we want to welcome you and your family to come and meet ours. Give our offices a call today, and schedule your first appointment.

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