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The Danger of a Bite That Comes Down Unevenly

When you close your mouth your teeth should fit neatly together like the wheels of gears. If this does not occur, you can end up causing a number of serious problems. For this reason, if you have an uneven bite, we at Holman Family Dentistry would like to help you. Here is more information on some of the problems that can arise from an uneven bite.

An Uneven Bite Can Lead To Temporomandibular Joint Issues

The temporomandibular joint (“TMJ”) is the joint where your jaw meets your skull. Under ideal conditions, it operates evenly and cleanly, with no stiffness, popping, or cracking. However, when your teeth don’t meet evenly, one thing that can happen is problems with your TMJ.

These problems may seem minor at first, but left untreated long enough, they can develop into something much more serious. TMJ issues can lead to tooth damage, severe headaches, and other issues.

Excessive Wear On Your Teeth

Another problem that can arise from an uneven bite is excessive tooth wear. Your teeth are meant to fit neatly together; however, if your bite is uneven, a few key areas of your teeth will strike against one another more often than the rest of the tooth surfaces. This can lead to problems such as the wearing down of the enamel and the exposure of the soft tissue beneath it. That, in turn, can lead to pain, the development of cavities, and other problems.

If the misaligned bite is bad enough, you can even end up chipping, cracking, or even breaking your teeth.

Painful And Debilitating Headaches

If your teeth are not coming together properly, it can even lead to migraine headaches. This is due to a number of reasons—TMJ strain (as noted above), improper usage of the jaw muscles, and so on. Regardless of the exact reason, these headaches can be devastating to your life, particularly the frequently-occurring ones.

You Don’t Have To Suffer Through An Uneven Bite

The good news is that you don’t have to just suffer in silence. An uneven bite is a condition that is very common and very fixable. Let us fix that uneven bite to prevent future problems and keep your smile healthy!

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