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The Four Worst Drinks for Your Teeth

There are plenty of items that we know are bad for teeth. Between sugars, candies, and smoking, we can do a lot of damage to our teeth each day. However, it isn’t just items we eat or bad habits that can damage our teeth. What we drink can do a lot of damage, too. Here are some of the worst things that we can drink, when it comes to the health of our teeth.

Drinks You Should Try and Avoid for a Healthier Mouth

You want to avoid what many people consider their morning form of life, coffee. It not only stains your teeth, but it is also acidic and can erode your teeth over time. It also holds on to bacteria that can increase instances of tooth decay, so it should be avoided for an overall healthy mouth.

Sports drinks are one of the worst drinks you can have. They are so sugary and acidic that they do far more harm than good. If you want to get hydrated, consider using electrolyte waters or coconut water. They can both help you remain hydrated far better, and do much less damage to your teeth.

Soda is another beverage you should avoid if you want a healthy mouth. It is highly acidic, plus contains a lot of sugar in most cases. There is no benefit to drinking soda, so it should be something you rid from your menu as soon as you can.

Juices can also be bad if they are the majority of what you drink each day. Most juices are full of sugar, which we know is bad for our teeth. However, apple juice and citrus juices are also quite acidic. This can erode your enamel, and leave you facing sensitive teeth and tooth decay. Replace some of the juice with water and try and balance out how much you consume if you still want some of the nutritional benefits, without the harm juice can cause.

To find out if your favorite drinks are good or bad for your mouth, come in and see us here at Holman Family Dentistry. We have the opportunity to look at your teeth and show you any specific areas that may be damaged from the things you have been drinking. By letting us point out specific problems, we can help you see the correlation between your beverage choices and the health of your mouth. Call us today!

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