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The Ultimate Guide to Foods to Eat After Dental Implant Surgery

Anytime you have oral surgery, taking care of yourself in recovery is crucial. A large part of recovery is keeping a proper diet, especially after dental implant surgery. A proper diet helps your mouth heal and helps you avoid digestive issues while you recover. Knowing what you can eat and when will help you have a seamless recovery process.

The First Two Days

Your diet should consist of liquids for the first couple of days after dental implant surgery. Liquid foods, such as broths, Jell-O, yogurt, pudding, and ice cream help you stay nourished while avoiding damage to the surgical areas. If you eat any food with particles, you run the risk of the particles getting stuck in the surgical site, putting you at risk of an infection.

The Next Few Days

After a couple of days, you can graduate to ‘soft foods.’ You still want to avoid foods with particles or even those that you have to chew to keep the surgical site safe. Slowly add foods, such as mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, oatmeal, eggs, overcooked pasta, and fluffy pancakes to your diet. We recommend trying one new thing at a time to see how your mouth and your digestive system handle it.

After One Week

After seven days, you can go back to your normal diet, but with caution. Avoid spicy, frigid, boiling, acidic, and hard foods. You should also avoid sticky foods or anything with seeds or nuts that could get stuck in the pockets. 

Eventually, you’ll be able to work your way back up to your normal diet, but taking it slow will allow your mouth to heal quickly. The faster your mouth heals, the faster we can place the artificial teeth on the implants, allowing you to resume your normal life once again. 

Dental implants offer a realistic replacement for your missing teeth, but it takes time. The surgical placement of the implants is the most invasive part of the process and proper healing relies on your cooperation. Getting proper nutrients while avoiding foods that could damage the surgical site can help you recover the fastest.

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