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Types of False Teeth

Types of False Teeth

Teeth are a significant part of your body, even though you may not appreciate it much. Think about not having your front two teeth for five minutes, and you will probably realize how much these teeth do for you. Not only are they good at what they do, i.e., chewing and grinding, but they also give you a brilliant smile. Another important factor about them is that they give a lot of self-confidence, which helps you interact with people around you and build lasting relationships.

However, accidents are common, and there can be several reasons as to why you may have a missing, broken, or decayed tooth. Having said that, there is nothing to worry about as the technological advancements in science have gifted us something in the form of false teeth, to help retain your wonderful smile and give you your well-deserved confidence. 

False teeth are more commonly referred to as dentures, which come in different forms and sizes, all of which need to be decided by you and your dentist if you want to replace your teeth. 

Here are some types of false teeth.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are used by people who have lost almost all of their teeth; therefore, they are very common in people with old age. If you have ever seen a set of teeth placed on someone’s bedside in a glass of water, this is probably it. These dentures are made from different materials, such as hard plastic and porcelain. You will need to give an imprint of your jaw on a soft material in order to get these dentures made for your mouth. 

These dentures do last a long time, but since bone mass keeps decreasing as we age, you will need to get new ones so that they are fitted in your jaw. 


Dental implants are the closest you can get to having your original tooth back. Although the process is a little more challenging than other methods, it is being vastly used due to its aesthetic end results.

To replace the bone inside the tooth, a titanium screw is placed inside your teeth and then is allowed to stay there for a couple of weeks before a crown is kept on top of the screw. This method is expensive and is only used when a few teeth are missing.


Another kind of false teeth that has been in practical use for more than a century is the use of a bridge in which missing one or two consecutive teeth are replaced while taking support from the adjacent original teeth on both sides. 

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