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Using a Straw Has Many Dental Benefits

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Do you use a straw for your drinks at home? Chances are that the answer is no. Just as you receive a straw with your drink in restaurants, you should get in the habit of doing the same thing at home. Believe it or not, drinking through a straw has many dental benefits that could help you prevent serious issues in the future. If you can make the simple change of sipping from a cup to sipping through a straw, you could prevent a variety of common dental issues including staining, decay and unnecessary disease.

Reduce Stains

One of the most common cosmetic dental procedures sought after today is teeth whitening. People are continually unsatisfied with the color of the enamel on their teeth. While teeth whitening can be very effective, it is important to avoid future stains, most of which occur from drinks. Simply making the switch to sipping soda or iced tea from a straw rather than a cup can decrease the exposure of your tooth enamel to the stain causing ingredients, saving your pearly whites.

Lower Occurrence of Dental Decay

Just as the straw helps to protect your tooth enamel from stains, it works just as effectively for dental decay. When you drink through a straw, a lower amount of liquid touches the surface of your teeth. This automatically reduces the amount of bacteria that your teeth are exposed to, which in turn helps to decrease the amount of enamel eating acid that builds up on your teeth, causing eventual tooth decay.

Cleaner Drinks

When you frequent restaurants or even use your own to-go cups, bacteria can build up on the exterior of the cup. When you are putting your mouth directly on the cup, you are putting your teeth and gums at risk of being exposed to bacteria. When you choose to use a straw instead, you restrict your mouth to the drink that you are consuming rather than unwanted germs that can cause diseases and even decay.

It might seem odd to start drinking with a straw at home, but it is one of the best moves that you can make for your oral health. This is especially true if you drink sodas, teas or juices. Each of these items contains large amounts of sugar, which can fester on the surface of your teeth and cause the beginning signs of tooth decay.

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