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Ways Your Teeth May Be Getting Worn Down

Ideally, your teeth should last you for a lifetime.  With proper care, cleaning, and preventive maintenance, the teeth that you have as a teenager should be the same ones you have as a senior citizen.  However, teeth do wear down as the years pass, and there are some things that make this wear happen quicker than it needs to.  If any of these items seem familiar to you, come see us at Holman Family Dentistry and let us help preserve the longevity of your teeth.

An Uneven Bite Causes Excessive Wear

If your teeth do not come together evenly and uniformly when you close your mouth, one of the results will be an excessive wearing of those places that do touch together.  This can eventually cause severe damage to your teeth and expose you to a greater risk of developing cavities.  If the situation gets bad enough, it can even result in chipped, cracked, and broken teeth.

Grinding Your Teeth As You Sleep

Many people experience bruxism, or the grinding of their teeth while they sleep.  Bruxism causes your teeth to wear out much more quickly, and can even result in broken teeth if it is severe enough.

While there can be a number of causes of bruxism such as stress, anxiety, or nervousness, even people who seem to be calm and worry-free can experience it.  The best way to treat it is by using a specialized mouthguard to protect your teeth as you sleep.  This mouthguard can protect your teeth as well as prevent the headaches and other complications of bruxism.

Holman Family Dentistry Can Help You

We’re here for you, and we look forward to talking with you.  We will closely examine your teeth and determine what exactly is causing the excessive wearing.  Then, together, we can explore prevention methods as well as treatment options in the case of damage that has already occurred.

Give us a call, or drop by our office.  We’re here to help you have a happy and healthy smile, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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