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What are the Best Options for Straightening My Teeth as an Adult?

Adult patients have a few different options for straightening their teeth.  Which one is better will vary on a case by case basis depending on how much tooth movement is necessary.  The best option for all patients to have the quickest movement and most control will be traditional metal braces.  The next best option to disguise the look of the traditional metal brackets will be ceramic or clear brackets.  These will allow good movement of the teeth while hiding much of the metal look.  Another great option which has become very popular among adults and kids alike has been Invisalign or clear plastic trays for moving teeth.  This option works best for making smaller movements and basic straightening of teeth.  It looks great and many people won’t even realize you are wearing them.

Before any straightening method, every patient should have their teeth cleaned and a check up to make sure there are no cavities present.  After that, it’s best to work with an orthodontist to decide what is the best option for your case.

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