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What do you like most about dentistry?

I get this question all the time.  “Why did you ever think you wanted to be a dentist?  I hate the dentist.”  I usually answer, “Thank you?”  I’m still not sure why people say that to my face.  I’ll usually explain that I grew up having great dentists.  It was never a task and could even be fun.  I think that’s one of the things that I like most about dentistry.  We have an opportunity to make health fun for kids.  Through a good atmosphere and experience, they may even be able to enjoy going to the dentist.  This not only goes for kids, but adults too.  We’ve had many adult patients say they are more comfortable going to the dentist since they have been to our office, and this is very rewarding.

There are a few other perks of dentistry as well.  I really enjoy working with my hands on a daily basis.  Dentistry is far from boring.  Its hands-on work requiring skill and concentration combined with people skills to keep patients happy and healthy.  It’s also great meeting new and interesting people every day.  The huge majority of our patients are very nice people who really appreciate our work.  I haven’t been working quite long enough, but most of the dentists I know are well-established in their community.  They are valued as an asset to the community.  I look forward to feeling that support.

The last perk of being in dentistry is the appreciation from patients after a job well done.  This can come from two ends of the spectrum.  Some patients will come in with severe pain and possibly dangerous infections.  When you relieve their pain and make them healthy again, they are usually very grateful.  On the other end, some patients will have chipped a tooth or even lost a tooth which can be quite embarrassing.  If you can restore their smile to its former glory or even improve their overall look, it’s a great feeling and most people are super excited.  Add on comradery with staff and support from the rest of the dental community, and it’s a pretty sweet gig.


Dr. H

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