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What Should I do if Someone in my Family has a Dental Emergency – Such as a Lost Tooth?

Dr. Holman answers about what to do in a dental emergency:

The first thing you should do with an avulsed (lost) permanent tooth is very lightly remove any visible debris from the tooth.  Don’t run the tooth under water or wipe it too vigorously.  The next step is try to place the tooth back in the socket and align with the other teeth in the mouth.  Often times with young patients if this is done immediately, the tooth will reattach.  No matter what happens, you should call your dentist immediately.  If you cannot place the tooth back in the socket, the next best place is in between your lower teeth and lip.  This technique should only be used if you are on your way to the dentist.  After keeping the tooth in the mouth, the next best places in order are Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution (found in stores), milk, and water.  Whatever you do with the tooth, again the most important part is reaching out to your dentist for further treatment.

If you have a dental emergency, be sure and call us as soon as you can: 479.795.1101

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