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What to Expect When You Haven’t Seen a Dentist in Years

You know that you’re supposed to visit the dentist twice a year. You need a cleaning badly, the fillings you got when you were sixteen are all loose, and you know that a tooth whitening treatment is not a bad idea at all. But when life just takes over, you can easily turn around and find that you somehow forgot to schedule a dental visit for the past twenty checkups. If this sounds like you, don’t worry – we’ll get you prepared for your first dental checkup in decades with this easy guide.

What Do Your Teeth Look Like?

The first thing you can expect to learn at your appointment is the shape that your teeth are in. You may already have a good idea, but Dr. Holman will be able to tell you more specifically what problems you may have, exactly where any cavities are, your likelihood of developing periodontal disease, and what forms of cosmetic dentistry might be an option for you. This involves a lot of opening your mouth wide, but it won’t hurt.

Getting a Cleaning

No matter what shape your teeth are in, Dr. Holman’s first order of business after examining your teeth is to give them a cleaning. His team will use a specialized tool to remove the tartar, or hardened plaque, that has built up around your teeth and gums. This tool uses gentle vibrations and a cooling mist to knock off the tarter. Then, a smaller tool provides a more targeted cleaning of each tooth individually.

Polishing is the next step. This step will help your teeth feel smoother and look shinier, and it will also help prevent plaque from building up again. Finally, you may receive a fluoride treatment, in which you will wear a tray with a fluoride solution for about thirty seconds to give your teeth an extra boost of freshness and protection. The entire process shouldn’t take longer than an hour, and is painless.

Exploring Your Options

Chances are, if this truly is your first dental appointment in years, you will need further dental work to bring your teeth to their optimal condition. Some of the common procedures that long-neglected teeth may need include:

With years of experience under our belts, we at Holman Family Dentistry will gladly explore your options with you to come up with a plan that can give you the healthy smile you have always wanted. Give us a call today to set up an appointment!

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