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Why In-Office Whitening Trumps DIY Whitening Kits

Everybody wants that picture perfect smile, or at least as close as they can get and for that to happen – white teeth are essential.  However, as time goes on your teeth lose that natural white appearance and begin to dull for all sorts of reasons.  Whatever the reason – there are options for your smile to be bright again.  If you are ready to take that step and move toward your goal of whiter teeth, then an in-office teeth whitening procedure at Holman Family Dentistry is just what you need.

Advantages of In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening

Having your teeth whitened is a low-cost procedure and it is only what would be called a “minimally invasive procedure.” The effects are immediate and if you care for your teeth appropriately post whitening, the effects of the whitening will last for several months.

There are in-home whitening kits that you can purchase from just about anywhere. In-home whitening kits can be effective but only for short periods of time. This is because they do use a lower dosage bleaching agent.  However, your in-office treatment will be monitored carefully, under pain-free, controlled conditions that are safe and sterile utilizing a high concentration of a bleaching agent.  This process will yield immediate results.

Further advantages to an in-office whitening procedure is that you not only have your teeth whitened, but you get an evaluation of your teeth and overall oral health.  This allows our dental team to see exactly where there may be areas that need special focus and can provide that for you. A take home kit will never be able to do that. The in-home whitening, while effective for a short period of time, may also have unintended side effects, should you have any dental conditions that you may not be aware of.  All precautions of safety are taken to ensure that your teeth and gums will not be harmed in any way.

Some stains are simply better removed by an in-office whitening that at in-home kit is just not going to be able to match.  Such as stains that appear on your teeth over time that often have a darker cast to them (some teeth often have a brownish or grey cast to them).  These darker stains could be hereditary or related to your eating habits.  Certain foods can also stain your teeth, such as berries. One of the worst offenses of course, of stained teeth is tobacco.  If you are a tobacco user your teeth will not only yellow more, but be more susceptible to gum disease.

Finally, one of the long lasting benefits that you receive in-office that you do not with a whitening kit, is that with an in-office treatment, most of the time you will receive follow-up maintenance with the low-dose of bleaching agent that will help keep your teeth their whitest and brightest for an even more extended period of time with proper home care and daily oral and health regimen.

You will find our dental team is exceptional, friendly, and more than willing and ready to answer any questions you may have about an in-office teeth whitening procedure.  To schedule an appointment for your teeth whitening procedure, contact Holman Family Dentistry at 479.795.1101. We look forward to helping you with your new smile!

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