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Why It’s Important to Talk to Us If You Struggle with Dental Anxiety

There are many people who struggle with dental anxiety–a term that describes when someone feels stress or fear when they visit the dentist or know they will be visiting soon. Oftentimes, people who suffer from dental anxiety put off treatment of oral health problems they may have which develops into bigger problems down the road which can lead to a last-minute emergency visit when it cannot be put off any longer.

There are many reasons why someone can feel dental anxiety and today we wanted to address some of these points to try to help. We want you to talk to us after this quick read so we can work with you.

We Understand Past Trauma and Dental Fears

For a lot of people, the reason why they fear going to the dentist is due to a past traumatic incident. Oftentimes, it happens when people were young, and it was one of the few experiences of a dental visit they have had.

Another reason for feeling anxious about dental visits is that there are many people that simply do not like the idea that their mouth is at the mercy of someone who is wielding tools, to put it bluntly. This is an instinctual response and is in fact natural. Our mouths are delicate despite the strength of the teeth and jaws, and a dental visit requires trusting another human to examine, clean, and repair for what can feel like an eternity while your mouth is wide open.

We just want to assure you that our entire team works with many patients who aren’t fully comfortable when they walk in the door. Our goal is to make everyone feel at home and feel like they can trust what we do: provide only the best oral care.

If this at all speaks to you in any way, we hope that you are beginning to feel that we understand you and want to help. Talking with us is directly is taking the next steps to ease yourself into getting the oral care that you deserve. We will answer any questions that you have about what a check-up consists of, what we can do to treat an oral problem, or anything else that concerns you. At Holman Family Dentistry, you are like family. You can call us at 479.795.1101 to talk to us. We hope to eventually see you in person.

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