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Why Your Tooth May Hurt and What to Do Until We Can See You

There are many reasons you could wind up with a toothache. One of the most common is a cavity, or a small hole in your tooth that is starting to decay. This can let in a lot of bacteria and cause pain, especially if it forms down by the root or nerve of your tooth. However, that is not the only reason your tooth may hurt. The only way to know the cause for sure is to come in and let us take a look. Here are a few things you can do to manage your discomfort until your appointment with us.

Ways of Easing a Toothache

Assuming your tooth is not obviously cracked or broken, then the first thing you should do is to brush your teeth. That way, if the pain stems from an item stuck by your tooth, you may dislodge it and the pain could stop. You should also make sure to floss in the area to help ensure that the area is totally clean. Next, you should make sure to rinse your mouth out really well. If you are at home, then you should rinse with a warm salt water rinse. This helps to rid the mouth of excess bacteria and can help heal up anything open in your mouth. This should be about one cup of warm water (not hot), and about a teaspoon of salt, mixed until it is dissolved.

You can also take over-the-counter pain relievers that are safe for you. The best options are ones that reduce inflammation, such as ibuprofen. However, you can take acetaminophen as well and still get some relief. If the pain is getting difficult to manage, then you may want to alternate between heat and ice on the area that hurts. You shouldn’t do more than a few minutes on and a few minutes off, but rotating back and forth should bring you some relief.

Call Our Offices for Help

If you find yourself with a toothache, call us here at Holman Family Dentistry. We know how devastating a toothache can be when it comes to trying to go about your regular routine. Let us look and see what is going on, and talk to you about what treatment options you have. Should you develop a fever before your appointment, call us back and let us try and squeeze you in on an emergency basis to ensure you are not developing an infection.

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