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Would a Water Flosser Help Your Teeth Remain Healthier?

A lot of people struggle with flossing their teeth. They either don’t do it often enough, or they don’t do it well enough to give their mouth the benefits that come with flossing. If you are one who struggles with flossing, you may want to consider a water flosser instead. By using a water flosser, you can clean out the gaps between your teeth without having to worry about missing anything with the floss itself. This can make the process easier, and help to improve your overall oral health.

Benefits of Using a Water Flosser

The main benefit of using a water flosser is the fact that you can easily get between each tooth. This makes flossing easier for those who tend to struggle with flossing, and it allows you to easily do it daily. It doesn’t take as much skill to floss, but it can still give you the benefits you want to get out of daily flossing.

Another benefit of using a water flosser is that you don’t only have to use water. The water flossers on the market typically come with a reservoir. This reservoir can be filled with water if that is what you want to use, or it can be filled with other options. If you recently had a procedure, you can fill it with a gentle salt water solution to help cleanse your mouth. Others may want to fill it up with the mouthwash they rinse with. This gets the fluoride and antibacterial agents right in between your teeth, and helps prevent cavities between your teeth.

Should you be one of our dental implant patients, water flossers are also totally safe to use between your dental implants. They can be used without worry that they are going to impact with the healing or function of your implants. This type of flosser is safer than using string, and far less likely to cause inflammation or swelling of your gums when used.

To find out what other benefits you can get from using a water flosser, give us a call. Here at Holman Family Dentistry, we want to help you do anything you can to improve your overall oral health. If you take the time to floss once per day, it can quickly and easily improve the health of your mouth, and help you keep your teeth safer from decay and gum problems that come with not flossing properly.

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